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Question:How many files can I store on InfinitiKloud?

Answer: It depends on the type and size of your files. The InfinitiKloud standard model can hold up to 64GB of data. That is approximately 45,000 photos.

Question:How long does a backup take?

Answer: It depends on the size of your files and your InfinitiKloud model. The standard model can download at speeds up to 60MB/s while the upgraded model works at 100MB/s.

Question:If I have a virus on my computer, will InfinitiKloud get infected?

Answer: No, InfinitiKloud only backs up your music, photo, video, and document files, so malicious software and viral programs can’t get in.

Question:What happens if I make changes to a file in between backups?

Answer: InfinitiKloud will save a copy of each updated version of that file, which you can view from the My Files tab.

Question:What if I have too many files to store on InfinitiKloud?

Answer: InfinitiKloud will back up the first files it finds and leave the rest. You can manage which files you want backed up from the Custom tab.

Question:Can I backup more than one computer with InfinitiKloud?

Answer: Yes, you can back up multiple devices at a time and transfer those files to as many other devices as you want.

Question: How often do I need to perform a backup?

Answer: It depends on how often you add new files to your computers. Casual users won’t need to back up more than once a month, while heavy users may want to back up every few days.

Question: Does InfinitiKloud work with iOs and iPhone?

Answer: InfinitiKloud does not currently work with iOS or iPhone. It will back up your PC, your MAC or any Android device.

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