Amazing Smart USB Stick Backs Up
All of Your Important Files On Your Computer!

ONE SINGLE CLICK Backs Up Photos, Documents – All of Your Important Files on Your Computer!
  • Super fast and easy - No technical knowledge required
  • One-click software - Find and back up all of your important files with a single click
  • High capacity storage - Save thousands of photos, videos, songs, and documents

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“In the US alone, 140,000 hard drives crash each and every week. About 60% of hard drive failures occur due to a mechanical failure, while the other 40% are a result of misuse. Simple drive recovery can cost upwards of $7,500 and success is not guaranteed.” - CSO Online

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late - Keep Your Files Safe with InfinitiKloud!

InfinitiKloud is a pocket-sized drive that stores a complete backup of your IMPORTANT FILES on your computer. It protects your important files from viruses, file corruption, and hard drive failure.

  • Simple Setup - InfinitiKloud has built-in software, so there’s nothing to download, install, or sign into!
  • Auto-Detection - No need to waste time digging through old folders, InfinitiKloud finds ALL of your important files on its own!
  • Fully Compatible - Works on any computer and comes with a USB-C adapter for the latest Mac and PC models!

Back Up All Your Files Safely and Easily!

Get InfinitiKloud Now!

Beware, Every Computer Will Crash Someday!

All hard drives fail eventually, usually without warning. If your files aren’t backed up,
Back up your family photos, home movies, and important documents while you still can!

InfinitiKloud Makes it Easy to Protect Your Data!

One Click Software

Back up, restore, or transfer your files—all with a single click!

Finds ALL of Your Important Files

Automatically scans your computer to locate every file and folder!

Customized Backups

Only saves the file types and formats you want it to.

Ultra-High Speed

Copies all your files in minutes with transfer speeds up to 60MB/s!

Massive Storage

Store up to 64GB - that’s up to 45,000 photos!


Take your data to any computer, and move your files anywhere!

InfinitiKloud Works in 3 Easy Steps!

1. Plug In InfinitiKloud

Insert the connector into your 
computer’s USB port.

2. Hit ‘START”

When the backup program
pops-up, hit the red 
“START” button.

3. Remove InfinitiKloud

That’s it! Your files are now
safe and sound on

Here’s Why Customers Love InfinitiKloud

Backup Your Memories Now!

Get One For Yourself, or More to Share.

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Have a Question? See Our FAQs

Question:How many files can I store on InfinitiKloud?

Answer: It depends on the type and size of your files. The InfinitiKloud standard model can hold up to 64GB of data. That is approximately 45,000 photos.

Question:How long does a backup take?

Answer: It depends on the size of your files and your InfinitiKloud model. The standard model can download at speeds up to 60MB/s while the upgraded model works at 100MB/s.

Question:If I have a virus on my computer, will InfinitiKloud get infected?

Answer: No, InfinitiKloud only backs up your music, photo, video, and document files, so malicious software and viral programs can’t get in.

Question:What happens if I make changes to a file in between backups?

Answer: InfinitiKloud will save a copy of each updated version of that file, which you can view from the My Files tab.

Question:What if I have too many files to store on InfinitiKloud?

Answer: InfinitiKloud will back up the first files it finds and leave the rest. You can manage which files you want backed up from the Custom tab.

Question:Can I backup more than one computer with InfinitiKloud?

Answer: Yes, you can back up multiple devices at a time and transfer those files to as many other devices as you want.

Question: How often do I need to perform a backup?

Answer: It depends on how often you add new files to your computers. Casual users won’t need to back up more than once a month, while heavy users may want to back up every few days.

Question: Does InfinitiKloud work with iOs and iPhone?

Answer: InfinitiKloud does not currently work with iOS or iPhone. It will back up your PC, your MAC or any Android device.

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