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  • 32GB 25,000+
  • 64GB 50,000+
  • 128GB 100,000+

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  • 32GB 25,000+

  • 64GB 50,000+

  • 128GB 100,000+

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30 DAY GUARANTEE: If you are not completely thrilled with your InfinitiKloud SD - we are offering you a 30 day guarantee on all purchases. Simply send the item(s) back to us for a full refund or replacement, less S&H.

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WAIT! Availability is LIMITED! FREE 32GB InfinitKloud SD Memory Card with ONE-CLICK BACKUP valued at over $30++. Highest-quality Class-10 SD Memory card for:

  • GoPro
  • Phones
  • Cameras
  • PC, Mac, and Photos

An SD memory card without one-click backup sells in these stores for $30-$50:

SD Memory Card
Backup Software, valued
over $30++!
Works with:

  • Phones
  • GoPro/Cameras
  • PC, Mac, and Photos


This same 32GB memory card is priced at $30-50 in the following stores:

Always have enough memory for your photos and files.

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Have a Question? See Our FAQs

Question: How many files can I store on InfinitiKloud?

Answer: It depends on the type and size of your files. These are rough estimates of files size by memory:

  • 32GB - 25,000 + photos
  • 64GB - 50,000 + photos
  • 128GB - 100,000 + photos

Question: How long does a backup take?

Answer: It depends on the size of your files and your InfinitiKloud model, but on average you will have speeds of 60MB/s plus.

Question: If I have a virus or malware on my computer, will InfinitiKloud get infected?

Answer: No, InfinitiKloud only backs up your photos, files, video, and document files, so malicious software and viral programs will not be backed up.

Question: What happens if I make changes to a file in between backups?

Answer: InfinitiKloud will save a copy of each updated version of that file, which you can view from the My Files tab.

Question: What if I have too many files to store on InfinitiKloud?

Answer: InfinitiKloud will back up the first files it finds and leave the rest. You can manage which files you want backed up from the Custom tab. You can add more memory or upgrade InfinitiKloud if you have premium services.

Question: Can I back up more than one computer or phone with InfinitiKloud?

Answer: Yes, you can back up multiple devices at a time and transfer those files to as many other devices as you want subject only to your memory limitation.

Question: How often do I need to perform a backup?

Answer: It depends on how often you add new files to your computers. Casual users won’t need to back up more than once a month, while heavy users may want to back up every few days.

Question: What operating systems does InfinitiKloud support?

Answer: All Windows versions and Mac OS X version 10.7 or later

Question: What files are supported?

Answer: Infintikloud SD supports all image files such as JPEG and all document files. It also supports most of the common music and video files, including .mp3, .mp4, .mov, and .avi, as well as Microsoft Office files.

Question: Can I restore the backed up files to another computer or phone?

Answer: Yes, you can restore backed up files to any device you select.

Question: What is the "supply your own memory" version?

Answer: If you have your own SD memory card, you can install that memory card into the InfinitiKloud device and use that memory card for backup.

Question: What is the advantage of InfinitiKloud over just using a regular memory stick?

Answer: InfinitiKloud offers a number of advantages over a simple dumb memory stick including:

  • One-click backup
  • Automatic identification and sorting of your files
  • Advanced features of using Wi-Fi to connect devices
  • Prevents duplicating photos and files

Question: What mobile phones does InfinitiKloud support?

Answer: This version InfinitiKloud supports all Android devices and any USB device.

Question: Can the InfinitiKloud SD Card be used in other devices that require SD and TF card memory?

Answer: InfinitiKloud produces the highest quality SD memory cards that are the preferred choice for any of these applications:

  • Backup and storage
  • Digital cameras
  • Android phones
  • PC and Mac
  • GoPro
  • Car Dashcam
  • Home security cameras
  • And more!

Question: What are the features of InfinitiKloud memory?


  • Class 10 high-speed transfer
  • Hot-swappable
  • Water-resistant
  • Plug and play
  • Supports PC and Mac

Question: How many backups of my computer and phone should I make?

Answer: Deciding on how many backups to make of your private photos, videos, and files is your choice, but we recommend at least 3 backups, stored in different locations.

Question: How much is the deposit and how is it used?

The deposit is x per unit reserved for your delivery and is fully refundable anytime before your preorder ships. The deposit is used to pay off the balance owing for the products before they ship to you.

Question: How much does each unit cost?

We give you a huge discount by placing a preorder and ordering quantities more than one. This is your cost and savings per units ordered:
If you order 1 unit the cost is x and your savings is x
If you order 2 units the cost is x per unit and your savings is x
If you order 3 units the cost is x per unit and your savings is x
If you order 4 units the cost is x per unit and your savings is x

Question: How does preorder work?

Preorder is designed to allow you to order in advance products that are coming to market that are in high demand, but not currently in stock. You will be billed deposit amounts based on the following four key events being initial order, emailing of TM and or Patent information, factory order confirmations and final shipping and tracking.