InfinitiKloud 128GB

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InfinitiKloud 128 GB

Love the ease of one-click file backup with InfinitiKloud but need even more storage? InfinitiKloud 128GB version allows you to protect even more of your important files! Plug it directly into your computer and you now have 128GB of storage for your photos, music, videos, and documents.

InfinitiKloud 128 GB

InfinitiKloud 128 GB

  • Memory: 128GB
  • Speed: 100MB/s
  • Includes product key for built-in software

InfinitiKloud 128 GB

  1. Plug the InfinitiKloud USB into your computer
  2. Open your folders and click on the InfinitiKloud icon to start up the program.
  3. To perform a backup, press the red “Start” button on the “General” tab on the program.

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